Applied Cooling Equipment

Delivering excellence in HVAC products and services throughout Florida

Applied Cooling Equipment is one of Florida’s leading manufacturer’s representative for the industry’s most trusted makers of commercial and industrial grade air conditioning and cooling equipment as well as the latest in dehumidification systems.  Applied Cooling Equipment has earned a reputation throughout the state  for providing personal, professional service as the go-to company for engineers, mechanical contractors, building owners and/or developers and others in need of quality commercial HVAC equipment.

Experience that Works to Your Benefit

Our team has years of practical experience in providing the right solution for every need. From custom engineered 100% OA systems, energy recovery products, heat pumps to cooling towers, low sound high efficiency chillers to fan coil units and so much more, the professionals of Applied Cooling Equipment understand the complexities involved in matching the right equipment to each need in order to fill a broad range of applications.

The Best Representing the Best

One of the many reasons Florida trusts Applied Cooling Equipment is the company we keep…or, more specifically, the companies we represent.  We have relationships with the industry’s top manufacturers, enabling us to present smart, cost-effective and efficient solutions for virtually every type of HVAC request we encounter.  Practical experience and ongoing training keeps our team up-to-date on the latest advancements in technology and new product introduction from the world’s most trusted names.