Technology Spotlight: Delta Cooling Towers

Why Delta?

Who We Are
• Over 50 years of experience
• Strong outside sales organization
• World-class service team
• Made in the USA supporting global industry
• Continuous innovative improvement

Where We Came From
In December of 1970, three engineers, who had previously worked for a metal cooling tower company were looking for an innovation in the industry. They knew metal towers had a history of being short-lived due to the moist and corrosive atmosphere, so they thought it would be beneficial to build cooling towers from a non-corrosive engineered plastic such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The first tower was a 50-ton unit that was shipped to Oregon, which was a huge success.

As interest began to grow, Delta continued to produce, turning out new products every couple of years. Now we make cooling towers with single unit capacities up to 2,500 cooling tons.

For over 50 years, Delta Cooling Towers is proud to be pioneers in the cooling tower industry. Our founders were innovators and refused to settle for less than the best. We continue that tradition today by dominating the healthcare industry. Delta Cooling Towers has no interest in staying complacent and will continue to innovate, advancing cooling tower technology to save our clients time, productivity and money.

Why Delta Cooling Towers Leads the Industry

Our customers are concerned about cooling tower longevity, 100% uptime, lower installation, and operating costs.

Delta Cooling Towers is the only cooling tower manufacturer with a 20-year warranty and an HDPE seamless non-corroding shell. There are several issues that Delta addresses confronting cooling tower HVAC users as well as industrial users who rely on cooling towers to protect and control their critical processes. Engineered plastic cooling towers outlast metal designs and can be constructed of unique anti-microbial resins which protect against Legionnaires’ Disease and other microbial health threats that can proliferate in a cooling system’s infrastructure.

Our towers are environmentally friendly due to lower water treatment requirements as well as offer exceptional durability, significantly less downtime for maintenance, and an easier and quicker installation.

Leader in Non-Corroding Cooling Tower Technology

Delta Engineered Plastic Cooling Towers

• Lightweight
• High-Efficiency
• Corrosion Proof
• Seamless One-Piece Construction
• Low Maintenance
• 20-Year Warranty
• Water Saving
• Low Sound
• Made in the USA Quality and Craftsmanship

Delta Cooling Towers TM Series™

Induced Draft, Counter Flow Design


Induced Draft, Counter Flow Design


Forced Draft, Counter Flow Design


Options & Accessories

Standard Features
• HDPE Shell
• Non-Corroding Construction
• Non-Clog PVC Water Distribution System
• Highest Energy Efficiency
• Premium Efficient Cooling Tower Duty Motors
• PVC Fittings

• Filter / Water Treatment Accessories
• Thermostatic Fan On-Off Control
• Ladders with Landing Platforms
• Pumps / Pump Skids
• Control Panels/VFDs
• Indoor Storage Tanks
• Anti-Freeze Control Sump Packages
• High Temp / Dirty Water Fill
• Other Accessories Available


40+ Years of Cooling Tower Manufacturing Experience
Since 1970 Delta has provided cooling towers that stand up to process conditions and the outdoor elements like no other cooling tower. Delta has coupled the maintenance-free seamless plastic construction with many other design features consistent with trouble-free longevity. The unitary plastic shell of the tower carries the industry best 20-year warranty.


You Decide How You Want Your Delta Tower
Do you have any special requirements for your cooling tower? Fitting locations, bottom outlets, gravity drain, oversized fittings, pump suction, high temperatures, space restrictions? Delta has a “Can-Do” orientation and we would be glad to talk through your unique requirements and provide the best solution for your application.


Delta manufactures packaged cooling systems for a wide range of applications. These systems include cooling towers plus a skid-mounted system that can include pumps, controls, heat exchangers, piping, valves, instruments and other optional items. Manufactured to allow simple installation at a customer site. Typically, installation of these systems requires only external piping and electrical power connections.